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love poetry
1. Get a notebook and pen or pencil, and commit to yourself to keep it with you while you reflect on the qualities of the person you love.

2. Set a time each day to simply reflect on the person you are writing about. Clear your mind of work, school, kids, the news, or anything else that distracts you.

3. Be honest with yourself. Some of the ideas that come to you may seem corny, even to yourself, but that is the way love is, sometimes.

4. Think of the big things. Then, see if the big things are combinations of little things, and can be broken down that way. Here are some examples of "she is beautiful" (other qualities may be broken down the same way.

- Her hair is soft and smells sweet.
- Her lips are full and sensuous.
- She has a full, womanly figure. (Which may be broken down even further.)
- She has lovely, iridescent blue eyes.
- Her smile can light up a room.

5. When the special person is around, look thoughtfully at them, taking note of anything that gives you a warm, tender feeling. If you are making your list secretly, take mental notes to write down later.

6. Listen to what their friends say. They may notice things or qualities that you really love, but are not even aware of.

7. Give thought to the things the person doesn't do. You may appreciate the absence of criticism, complaining, or other negative qualities. These characteristics, being absent, do not lend themselves to obvious recognition.

8. Think about what you feel when the person is absent. This may clue you in to things about them you never think about, but miss when they are not present. This could be the scent of their hair or perfume, or the sound of their voice.

9. Try to remember the practical points. This may be adrift from the "romantic" ideas, but these are qualities you may value greatly, when you consider them. Things like cleanliness, punctuality, or moderation.

10. Write all the things you think of in your notepad, then reread them, to see if they lead you to more discoveries about the person. Often, you may find you associate other things only when you remind yourself deliberately.

11. Make your finished list, read it carefully, then put it away for a while. You may even try to forget it, but later on, when you take it out, or even rediscover it, you may be surprised by how you take many things on the list for granted.

12. Think about sharing your list with him/her. Will they see it as a shallow, superficial gesture? That may depend largely on the things you choose to list. On the other hand, they may be flattered and happy you have spent so much time thinking about them.

Fairy Facts in love quotes

Fairy Facts: lots of  knights riding white horses who do not know, that the dragon which guards the castle was the princess's favorite pet

love poem elements, knowing each other

one of the element of love poetry is knowing each other.
what do you know about men? what men say about themselves to women? are those words real?

love poetry elements

 men things women should know

- we take responsibilities for our actions, we can't live without it
- we act thoughtfully, it's in our blood
- we have pride about all things we have, we don't mess with someone's pride..
- we will always break promise for someone else, we don't do it selfishly
- we are unique for each woman, if you can't find these on us, then you have met with the wrong ones...

April - National Poetry Month

love poems Do you love poetry? Me, too! Did you know that since 1996, the Academy of American Poets has deemed April as National Poetry Month? so now is your month of romance. Most people dream to love, you live to love. your love life will be full and open to the eyes of others. Love poems are usually emotionally written poems. Love poetry can easily be said to be the most popular form of poetry, And here at are quotes those have been inspiring everyone's dreams. enjoy!
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love poetry

love poemsbanksy love poem Poetry is the art of writing in which language is used for its aesthetic qualities for the additional, or in addition to its semantic meaning. Love poetry is the main example. Emphasis on the aesthetic aspects of a language and deliberate use of repetition, meter and rhyme are what distinguishes poetry from prose. But this distinction is debatable. Some modern scholars have an approach to defining poetry not as a kind of literature but as a manifestation of human imagination, which becomes the source of all creativity. Besides poetry is also an outpouring of one's heart's content that brings people into the state of his heart. actually whatever kind of poetry is, you are the best person to describe your own feeling through written words.

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love poetry

love poem

love poem
These lines in the love poem can be any shape (circular, zigzag, etc.). This is one way for the author to show his thoughts about love. Love Poetry is sometimes also contains only one word / syllable is repeated infinitely. read your own love letters and see how beautiful they are.

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For the reader it is possible to make the poem becomes unintelligible. But the author always has a reason for all the 'strangeness' is created. No one wants to limit the writer in creating a poem. There are several differences between the old love poems and new love poetry. can you figure them out?

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However, some cases of modern poetry, or love poetry there is growing concern in recent cyber if judging from the principal and the rules of poetry itself i.e. 'compaction word'. Most active poets are now either novice or rather more concerned with style rather than the principal language of the poem. what about love letters? are they classical?

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Usually inserted in the love poem is a figure of speech that make poem more beautiful . They also have a wide figure of speech, one of which is a direct allusion to the sarcasm that is rough.
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after you read love poem, you know that Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal interests. In the context of the philosophy of love is a virtue that inherits all the kindness, compassion and affection. Other opinion, love is an action / activity on human active against other objects, in the form of self-sacrifice, empathy, empathy, compassion, help, follow the words (what about, obey, obedient, and willing to do whatever the object desired. you can understand it by reading love poetry
love poems

yes, your poetry is an amazing love letter for your loved one.

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Love is a feeling of sympathy that involves deep emotion. According to Erich Fromm,the love letters inspiration, there are four conditions to realize the love, namely:

- Feeling
- Introduction
- Responsibility
- Attention
- Mutual respect
ready for some love quotes? compare classic love poetry vs contemporary poetry and which one is best.

love poems

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love poems

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if i had a flower for everytime you made me smilerose graphic
for your refference in writing love letters : Erich Fromm in his best-selling book (the art of loving) states that the four symptoms: Care, Responsibility, Respect, Knowledge (CRRK), came all in a balanced way in the person who loves (yup,it's love poems and quotes about). Nonsense if someone said to love children but never care for and no responsibility on the child. While the responsibility and care without respect and without any real curiosity to know more will plunge parents, teachers, clergy, etc. in an authoritarian manner. feeling disagree? then what's your love quotes and sayings?

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