Poetry (from Ancient Greek: ποιέω / ποιῶ (poiéo / Poio) = I create) is the art of writing in which language is used for its aesthetic qualities to an additional, or in addition to semantic meaning.

The emphasis on aesthetic aspects of a language and deliberate use of repetition, meter and rhyme are what distinguishes poetry from prose. But the difference is still debated. Some modern scholars have an approach to defining poetry not as a type of literature but as a manifestation of human imagination, which becomes the source of all creativity. Besides poetry is also an outpouring of one's heart's content that brings people into the state of his heart.The Old English epic poem Beowulf is written i...

The rows in the poem can be any shape (circular, zigzag, etc.). This is one way the author to show his thinking. Poetry is sometimes also contain only one word / syllable is repeated infinitely. For the reader it is possible to make the poem becomes unintelligible. But the author always has a reason for all the 'strangeness' it creates. No one wants to limit the writer in creating a poem. There are some differences between the old poems and new poems

However, some cases about modern poetry or poetry cyber lately growing concern when judging the principle and the rules of the poem itself is 'solidification of the word'. most active poets are now either beginner or not more concerned with style rather than the principal language of the poem.

Poetry can be inserted inside the usual figure of speech that makes the poem more beautiful. Figure of speech is also there are many, one of which is sarcasm yes it is a direct allusion to the rough.

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