kahlil gibran the prophet

Novel by Kahlil Gibran, is one kind of novel that much sought after by lovers of literature. Especially, by those who in reading a novel not only by looking at the plot. However, the height of style and philosophical elements contained in a novel is also a consideration the value of its own to determine the quality of a novel worth reading.
kahlil gibran

Many felt that the novel by Kahlil Gibran is feasible juxtaposed with other works of the world's great poets, like William Shakespeare. Sentences were strung in the novel, much to inspire the creation of other works of art. Whether it's through literary art, music or other arts as well as fine art and painting.

Kahlil Gibran novel by many teenagers and adults preferred. the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran is a masterpiece. This shows that the work produced by Kahlil Gibran is not just a cheesy romance novels. But there is a very beautiful artistic value in it.

kahlil gibran

Reading the novel by Kahlil Gibran makes the reader like discovering a new oasis in the repertoire of novels. Not infrequently, the circuit is able to bring new inspiration story in one's life. And this became one of the advantages to read a novel by Kahlil Gibran.

Some of the advantages of this novel by Kahlil Gibran include:

- Using a simple yet beautiful language, so easy to understand while still promoting the aesthetic language.
- The story line is delivered with a fresh concept but full of meaning and not just a hack writer. As the love story is lifted, is the love that combines the meaning of love to God, man and also on the environment. Not indulgence in lust and love are based on sentimentality alone.
- Value of life and philosophy into force novel by Kahlil Gibran. Thus, we can get sage advice-advice, without having to feel annoyed. Because all delivered through a piece of the story in the novel that encapsulated the story.
- Words of wisdom scattered throughout the novel, very beautiful to be the words of encouragement in daily life. There are even some people who make the sentences in the novel by Kahlil Gibran was to decorate the wedding invitation in the mail.

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